Filming Tips

Step One

Familiarise yourself with the filming guidelines below.

Step Two

Film your video on your mobile or laptop - make sure it’s landscape!

Step Three

Upload your film via the upload form and let us take care of the rest!

Check out these Top Tips for producing videos on phones from Just Franklin.

Filming Guidelines

  • Videos need to be recorded in landscape, not portrait. Click here for example video.
  • Keep the video between 5-15 minutes, remember it is an instructional video on how to do a task and not a full lesson.
  • Introduce each video with what you are doing "this video is for/today’s lesson is/I am going to talk to you about" and which Key Stage/age group the video is aimed at.
  • Keep it as clear and concise and tell them the focus of the video – "number bonds/a diary entry/a story by, etc.".
  • If appropriate provide options to recreate a task with items that can be found in homes (e.g. parents are unlikely to have bunsen burners!).
  • Demonstrate/talk through a quick example of what you want them to do and add in two or three vocabulary words that might be used during a lesson about the topic.
  • Films can be stand-alone lessons or one of a series e.g. a writing project or different genres/series of science lessons.
  • Have fun and enjoy yourselves!
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