Supporting Schools'

Recovery Curriculum

Local schools and teachers are creating this shared resource containing activities and suggestions to provide support as children return after school closure. This website is being updated frequently with new content, so please visit regularly. Please also consider what you and your colleagues might contribute.

The rationale for the resource comes from the writing of Barry and Matthew Carpenter that articulates specific needs that children might have upon the return to school.

This collection of resources will provide activities to:

  •  Rebuild relationships and re-establish friendship at the heart of learning
  •  Allow children to share their experience of school closure and express their feelings
  •  Reassure children that any loss of learning is understood by the teachers and will help to address any gaps
  •  Reintroduce 'learning and how to learn' and building children's confidence as learners
  •  Give children confidence to be back in school and able to express their concerns and ideas

Teachers and school leaders are invited to submit content that can be shared with others, so that this site grows to become an invaluable resource.


"How are we getting on?"

A reflective workbook for school leaders

Download this free interactive pdf to follow the approach Ofsted are taking in their autumn 2020 Interim Visits and the DfE Recovery Offer.

Created from the experience of schools that have been the first to receive Ofsted visits.

Ofsted workbook